Social Uniforms is a project that looks at social histories through a sartorial lens. Created by Joanna Prescod, a former costumer, dresser and visual merchandiser, Social Uniforms seek to investigate the relationship between clothing, identity, expression, consumption and resistance.


BLACK LOOKS: Vestimentary Performance and the Female Racialized Body, May-August 2019

Dean’s Award of Research Excellence Grant, York University

Supervisor: Dr. Gail Vanstone

Black Looks works to uncover examines the visibility and subjectivity of the Black female body as envisioned by Black women filmmakers and artists from the 1970s to the present. Interrogating theories of race, feminist visual culture and feminist film theory will help to uncover answers and identify mechanisms in place that distort and/or erase Black female voice and distort our perceptions of the Black female body. The project mines existing theoretical models to articulate new ways of understanding the complex connections between images and the cultures and individuals they touch. In doing so, this work will uncover the multiple experiences to relocate and make tangible Black women’s history and presence in Canada today.

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